Mainframe Security | SDS | About Us is maintained and operated by Software Diversified Services (SDS). For decades, SDS has been providing products that help keep mainframes secure.

Software Diversified Services has been serving the mainframe community with first-rate tools and world class support since 1982! SDS HQ is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

The safety and security of our customers’ critical assets are our top priority.

We created to be a central repository of important information that will help keep your IBM mainframes, z/OS systems and all the critical data they hold safe. Our intent is to provide genuinely useful information for z/OS programmers, administrators and security officers.


SDS products that help secure mainframes:


SDS E-Business Server® Enterprise-wide data encryption, authentication, security


SDS IronSphere for z/OS Automated z/OS DISA STIG compliance monitoring
VFTP-SSH Collaboration Complete and effortless FTP security for all file transfers and data-in-transit


VitalSigns SIEM Agent for z/OS Add mainframe security events to any enterprise SIEM


Universal SSH Key Manager® Discover, remediate, and manage SSH key usage