Mainframe Security | SDS | Privacy Policy

We respect the privacy of our website visitors and of the customers and users of our software products. And we present this privacy policy to help visitors, customers, and users understand how we safeguard the information we gain from their visits and their use of our products.

Via, visitors often request information and products by means of submitting forms and sending messages to SDS. Those forms and messages supply SDS with information about visitors and customers–name, phone number, company name, email address, etc.–that is essential to our fulfilling those requests.

The web server for keeps logs of visitors’ http requests and IP addresses to which the servers send their replies to those requests.

Other websites, email messages, and electronic messages of various kinds may contain hyperlinks to When visitors follow such hyperlinks, those links often provide information about their own location, that is, the identity of the website, email message or other electronic document where the link resides.

SDS uses the information acquired via the above-described means to helpfully respond to visitor and customer requests, and to improve visitor and customer experience with our websites and software products. SDS does not request or collect more information than is reasonably helpful to furthering those purposes.

SDS is the only owner of the information acquired via the above-described means. SDS will never sell, rent, or otherwise distribute the information acquired via the above-described means, with the following exceptions:

Our websites implement the services of third-party organizations that monitor our websites in order to better inform our marketing and customer relations and to report on the success and efficiency of our websites. SDS is confident that those services safeguard the confidentiality of our data and make use of it only for those purposes for which we have engaged their services and agreed to.

Understand that often writes small bits of data, “cookies,” to visitor’s client machines. The data held in those cookies is available only to SDS and to the user at the client machine. Further, the user can delete that information from the client machine at any time. In the browser controls, look for options named similarly to “Tools > Options > Privacy > clear history” or “> delete cookies.” Users can also disable their browsers’ acceptance of cookies. Look for browser options named similarly to “Tools > Internet options > Privacy > Advanced > Cookies > Block”

If, at any time, you have a question about the retention, confidentiality, or accuracy of data regarding website visitors or customers at SDS, you wish to be removed from an SDS mailing list, or you have observed any suspect use of SDS data, please contact SDS at